Area of Concentration: Nursing in the Amazonian Context

To develop studies and actions that address the health needs of the population and influence changes in nursing care and education systems and systems, with an emphasis on the Amazonian context, therefore, they concern public policies, particularly those that give health and education characteristics of a collective good. In the Amazon context, there are diversities and singularities that permeate the environment, fauna, flora and population. Therefore, the region demands information, policies and infrastructure that need to be produced taking into account these specificities. It is in this scenario that the master’s degree is inserted, impelling advances in the production of knowledge and in technological development in the Nursing area, in the Amazonian context.


Research line:

Health Policies in the Nursing Care of the Amazonian Nursing.

Studies focused on public health policies with emphasis on the Unified Health System, individual and collective nursing care in the various phases of the life cycle, conceptions of health, epidemiology and health indicators in the North.


Research line:

Education, Training and Management for the Health Care and Nursing Práxis in the Amazonian Context.

Studies related to education, teaching and management of nursing care, transformations in the world of work, health education and professional training in health, especially nurses.

Currently, these two lines of research support the theoretical, philosophical and political bases of the two Research Groups respectively: Health policy studies in Amazonian nursing care (EPOTENA) and Group of studies in education, training and management for the care practice of nursing (EDUGESPEN).