PPGENF/UFPA has the following laboratories for the development of its studies:

- Computer lab: availability of 06 computers connected to the Internet by fiber optics and also by wifi, 06 office desks with chairs and 01 laser printer for the exclusive use of regular students, retractable screen for projection, shelf with research of methodology books, meeting chairs. The expansion and exchange of this equipment with greater hardware capacity and availability of a long-range Wi-Fi network was possible with funds received from the Dean Office of Research and Graduate Studies (PROPESP) of the UFPA, in 2018.

- Laboratory of practical skills in Nursing: contains mannequins, 2 stretchers, 2 tables, 6 chairs, 3 cabinets, instruments and materials to simulate nursing procedures, such as dressings and probes, materials to simulate injectables (syringes, peripheral catheters, needles, ampoules). , among others), stethoscope, cuffs, sterile surgical and procedural gloves, surgical masks and 3MTM masks, hospital caps and gowns, thermometers, flashlights, pulse oximeters, microfusers, jelcros, instruments for simulating bed baths and office supplies (paper clips , pens, procedure records and patient evolution records, ...) in addition to other equipment and materials that fall within the context of nursing practice.

- INFOCENTRO - Located in the Faculty of Nursing, the computer room has 30 computers connected to the Internet and with access to all students enrolled at UFPA and belonging to the Institute of Health Sciences. When requested via letter, INFOCENTRO can be reserved for classes requiring computer resources.

- Laboratory of Spatial Analysis, Center for Amazonian Studies (NAEA) - UFPA. This laboratory has twelve computers, a color laser printer and an industrial and geoprocessing technician to support users. Use for teachers and students is released upon request by letter to the teacher, Professor Dr. Armim Marthis, responsible for administration of the laboratory.

- Videoconference room: located in the Information and Communications Technology Center (CTIC) of UFPA, with a physical area of ​​4 m2, equipped with computers, video camera, sound equipment and datashow. The use of this facility is allowed to teachers, subject to reservation, to enable the participation of expert researchers in videoconferencing in some disciplines, events and technical-scientific meetings of research groups, examining committees of qualification exams and juries of the defense of the master's dissertation.

In addition to the spaces of the Faculty of Nursing and the UFPA, the municipal and state health services are also configured in social laboratories for teaching, research and extension linked to the PPGENF. Thus, the students and professors of the Program also use extramural social laboratories that provide support both for the academic activities of the teaching internship and for the development of research projects, highlighting: the Secretary of Health of the State of Pará (Hosptial Hophir Loyola; Foundation Santa Casa do Pará; Department of STD/AIDS) and the Municipal Health Secretariats of Belém (UBS of Guamá; ESF of Terra Firme; ESF of Ilha do Combú); Department of Public Security of the Civil Police of the State of Pará; Municipal Secretariat of Health of Ananindeua (Judge of the Basic Health Unit Paulo Frota); and the municipal and state hospital complex (especially Hospital Universitario João de Barros Barreto/UFPA, Hospital das Clínicas, Hospital General de Belém - Brazilian Army, Metropolitan Hospital for Emergencies and Emergencies, Hospital Naval de Belém - Brazilian Navy, Hospital Estatal Ophir Pinto de Loyola, Octávio Lobo Intant Oncology Hospital, Santa Casa de Misericórdia, Jean Bitar Hospital), among others.